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Sabrina Bentley marries a Blair

Sabrina Bentley was the seventh child of Otho Bentley and the second of Nancy Alice Hall. She married Curwood Blair on New Years Eve 1916. They had five children: Danny, Charles, Kathy, Glenda and Jeannette.

Don't take everything as gospel on the oldest of Curwood's line. I always wonder about the things I find, but I am passing on what is there.

The oldest member of the Blair family that I have found is William De Blair who was born in England. The De Blair makes me think I will find something going back to France if I could find more, but William is in England.

His son is Henry De Blair, born in 1068, England. He apparently moved on to Scotland because his son, William De Blair was born in Blair, Ayshire, Scotland in 1135. That would make Henry 67. Not impossible, but it makes me wonder if there isn't another generation between them.

This Scottish William had a son William De Blair in 1180. His son was David DeBlair born in 1230. His son was Roger De Blair, born in 1265.

Next in line was Hugh De Blair who married Margaret Mure, also born in Scotland. Thier son was James De Blair.

The family dropped the "De" and just became Blair from this generation forward. Next was David Blair followed by John Blair. John married Beatrice Mortoun. John and Beatrice had a sonnamed John who married Elizabeth Montgomery. John and Elizabeth had a son, John who married Margaret Cunningham. They had a son, John, who married Grizel Semple. Their son, Bryce Blair married Annabella Wallace.

Bryce & Annabella's son John Blair married Jean Cunningham. Their son, David was the last of the children born at Blair, Scotland. He settled in Aghadowey, Antrim, Ireland.

David's son, James was born in 1640 in Ireland. He married Rachel Boyde in 1660 in Ireland. They emmigrated to Massachusetts. They had a son in Ireland before they emmigrated. I found an immigration record for Robert dated August 4, 1718. It showed him coming from Londonderry, Ireland to Boston, Massachusetts. He married Isabella Nutfield Rankin who was born in Blair, Scotland. So far I have found two of their sons. William shows a birthplace of Scotland and being born the same year as the immigration. He ended up settling in Canada.

Their second son was Joseph. He stayed in Worcester County, Massachusetts. He married Elizabth Alice Mays who was born in Ireland. Their son John Charles Blair was born in Virginia. He married Easter Rachel Robertson, the daughter of Benjamin & Celia Patterson Robertson. Their children were John Robertson, Sally, Letitia, Joseph, Susannah, Easter, Charles, Elizabeth and Henry.

John Robertson Blair was born in Scott County, Virginia in 1799. He married Elizabeth Harrison in 1820.

In 1850 they were in Letcher County, Kentucky.
Blair, John R, 51, farmer
Elizabeth 47
Susannah 16
Hiram 14
Rebecca 12
Lucinda 10
Samuel 7
Elizabeth 5
Ceciley 3
All born in KY but John who was born in VA.

I havent't found the 1860 census yet.

1870 Letcher County, KY
Blair, John R. 71, farmer, VA
Elizabeth, 67, keeping house, KY
Johnson, Solah, 25, keeping house KY

John died in March of 1880. The US Census Mortality schedule listed him as being a resident of Letcher county for 35 years at the time of his death. I found most family genealogies listed Elizabeth as having died in 1870. His death notation of death says he was married at the time of his death, so I am going by the premise that Elizabeth was still alive in 1880.

John and Elizabeth had 8 children that I have found: Elihu, Susannha, Hiram, Rebecca, Lucinda, Samuel, Elizabeth and Cecily.

Elihu was born April 4, 1825 at Cowan Creek, Letcher County, Kentucky. He married Celia Adams, the daughter of Stephen "Shank Steve" Adams and Elizabeth Whitaker.

In 1850 Letcher County
Blair, Elihu, 25, farmer
Cely, 26
Elizabeth 3
Hiram B 2
William L, ten months
Adams, Jane, 16
All KY

1870, Letcher County

Family 26
Blair, Elihue, 48, farmer
Selah, 48
Hiram 21
Williaim 20
Samuel 18
Jessee 17
Stephen R. 14
Louisa, 12
Joseph 11
Julia Ann, 4
All KY

1880 Lane Fork, Letcher Co KY

Family 239
Blair, Elihu, 55, farmer KY VA KY
Seaah 56, wife, keeping house, KY NC NC
Louisa 19, daughter
Joseph 17, son, works on farm
Julia 13, daughter
Adams, William 12, nephew, works on farm
Children all KY KY KY

1900 Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY

Family 206
Blair, Elihu 75, head, Apr 1825, married 54 years KY VA KY Farmer
Celia 75, wife, Aug 1824, had 11 children, 6 living, KY KY KY
Hill, Hiram, 12, g son, Jun 1887, KY KY KY

Elihu died on October 25, 1903.

Celia lived on. I haven't found her in the 1910 census yet. She died March 16, 1914. I have found ten of the eleven children she reported in the 1900 census: Elizabeth, Hiram, William L., Samuel, Jessee, Stephen R., John R., Louisa, Joseph, and Julia Ann.

Stephen R. was born March 7, 1866 at Pine Top, Letcher County, Kentucky. He married Martha Polly, the daughter of Henry Polly and Mary Sergent. They had 13 children that I have found: Mary E, William, Cornelia, Charles, Monroe, Maggie, Jessee, Henry, Nancy, Cealia, Julie, Mintie and Eve.

Charles "Charley" Blair was born in 1880. He married Tina "Tinny" Whitaker, the daughte of Esquire Whitaker, Jr. and Clerinda Combs. They had six children that I have found so far: Afton, Orena, Robert, Curwood, Wilmer and Elden.

Curwood marrieed Sabrina Blair, the daughter of Otho and Nancy Hall Bentley.

John and Elizabeth had a son, John who married Margaret Cunningham. Next was John Blair

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