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Lake Bentley marries a Pass

Lake Bentley was the tenth child of Otho Bentley and the third child of Nancy Alice Hall. She was born on December 21, 1919. She married Carl Asberry "C. B." or "Berry" Pass.

The oldest known Pass was John Pass. His son, Nathaniel, was born in Halifax County, Virginia in 1734. He married Ailsey McGinnes Holloway in 1759.

In 1779, Nathaniel was given a land grand of 430 acres in Caswell County, NC "on the waters of Smiths Mill Creek". It is not known why the land grant was given to a citizen of Virginia. It was not for Nathaniel's Revolutionary War service which did not begin until a year later. Most
probably it was for some service in the Indian skirmishes which took place around the middle of the 18th century and which kept the settlers scurrying back and forth across the Virginia-North Carolina border.

Sometime in 1780, Nathaniel moved onto his North Carolina grant with his wife and his first son, Holloway PASS, born 4 March 1762. On 15 September 1780, Nathaniel, at age 46, and his son Holloway, age 18, volunteered and served in Colonel William Moore's North Carolina Regiment. War records show that Holloway (and presumably Nathaniel, also) was in the battle at Rugley's Mill during his first enlistment period. In the fall of 1781, they enlisted again and were in a battle at Brown Marsh.

After the war, both returned to Caswell County. Census records show that they remained there at least through 1810. Nathaniel died in 1815 at age 81.

Nathaniel's second son, Nathaniel was born in 1763. He married Milley Tapley. They lived and died in North Carolina. Their son, Elijah H. Pass married Nancy Aneway Dunaway. He was still in North Carolina in 1830 when the census was taken, but was on the tax rolls in Roane County, Tennessee by 1833.

Elijah and Nancy's son, Nathaniel Green Pass, was born in 1823 in Caswell County. He first married Sarah Morgan.

1850 Blount County Tennessee

Family 508

Green Pass 27, farming, NC

Sarah 23, NC

Jesse 5

William 3

Mary A. 2

All the children were born in Tennessee.

Sarah and Green went on to have three more children: Nancy E., Archie Thomas and Nathaniel T. Sarah passed away and Green married again to Nancy A. Dockery.

1860 Blount County Tennessee

Pass, Green 36, laborer, NC
Nancy A. 22
William P. 13
Jesse 15
Mary 12
Nancy E. 8
Thomas A 7
Fannie T 4 (this is Nathaniel, but it is absolutley an F on the census record)
Sarah M 2
Rose E. seven months
All born TN except Green.

I haven't found them in 1870 yet.

1880 Roane County Tennessee

Pass, Nathaniel 56, iron ore miner, NC NC NC
Nancy 44, wife, keeping house NC NC NC
Sarah M. 22, daughter, at home
Nancy E. 17, daughter, at home
Solomon 14, don, ... iron ore
Isac R. 12, son, teamster
John H. 10, son
Henderson 8, son
Children all TN NC NC

1900 Roane county Tennesse

Nathaniel is listed as a widower living with his daughter, Mary.

Family 551
Huffman, Elbet 57, head, Apr 1843, TN TN TN, farmer
Mary 52, wife, Dec 1847, TN NC TN
Pass, G Nathaniel 76, OCt 1823, father in law, widowed, NC NC NC

Nathaniel died on March 7, 1908. This is his obituary:

An Old Citizen Dead

Nathaniel Green Pass died at 10:15 o'clock on Saturday night after a
brief illness of one week. In the death of "Grandpa" Pass, as he was familarly
called, one of the old landmarks of Roane County has been taken away; he having
lived to the ripe old age of 91 years, and most of that time being spent in
Roane County. He came to Rockwood, before there was any town there and has lived
there or near there ever since. He built the first house that was erected in
Rockwood, having taken a contract with the Roane Iron Company to build six log
houses in what is now known as old Rockwood, hear the furnace, the first houses
built in the town. He is said to have dug the first iron ore that was ever
smelted int the Rockwood furnace. He was married twice and was the father of
seventeen children- seven by his first marriage and ten by his second-ten of
whom survive, and these were all with him in his last hours except one who is
living in Texas. From him 132 descendants have sprung reaching into the fourth
generation, most of them living in this county. He also has two sisters and two
brothers living in Blount County. Deceased was a quiet, peaceable, industrious
citizen, devoted to his family, reverenced and respected by all, as was attested
by the large number of people that attended his funeral. He was a consistent
member of the Christian Church at this place. Rev. A.A. Ferguson condected a
very impressive service at the Christian Church at 10:00 o'clock Monday morning, after which his body was buried in the Cardiff cemetery. He was married to Sarah
Morgan on 11 Nov 1844 in TN, Blount Co..

John H. Pass was born in 1870 to Nathaniel Green Pass and Nancy A. Dockery. He married Minnie Fay Erwin. They had the following children: Ninevah Bug, Reese, William Pink, Jackie Essil, John Henderson, Raymond and Carl Asberry Pass. He moved his family to Letcher county, Kentucky where he died on July 15, 1922. He was buried in Rockwood, Roane County, Tennessee at the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Their baby, Carl Asberry Pass later known as C. B. Pass and Berry Pass married Lake Bentley.

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