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Joe Bentley marries a Henrickson

Joe Bentley is the 14th child of Otho Bentley and the 7th child of Nancy Alice Bentley.

He married Alma Eva Henrikson.

Aunt Alma's family goes back to about 1600 when Hakan Ingemarsson was born. He married Ingebord Andersdotter who was born on 1613. They had three known children: Per Kakansson, Inemar Hakansson and Sven Hakansson. I loved the way they did thie names Hakansson -- son of Hakan.

Per Hakansson was born in Bygdea. He married Karin Gummesdotter. They both died in Berg, Malmback, Socken. Their children were Johan, Hakan, Anders, Per, Marten & Kerstin. Te first four children took the last name Persson (son of Per) and the last two Hakansson. Per married a second time to Elin Danielsdotter. Their children were Anders, Johan and Ingemar.

Hakan Persson was born in 1675 in Berg, Socken. He married Sara Mansdotter from Giostorp. Their children were Sven, Maria, Anders, Karin, a second Karin, and a second Maria. They split their last names between Hakanson and Persson.

Sven Hakansson was born in 1715 in Giostorp. He married Ingerid Svensdotter in 1745. Their children were Johannes, Catharina, Maria, Sven Nilssonand a second Sven Svensson. I don't know where the Nilsson came from.

Sven Nilsson was born April 30, 1758 in Langhem, Alvsborg, Sweden. He married Maria Jonasdotter. Their son was Anders Svensson.

Anders married Edela Larsdotter. Their son was Henric Anderson. Henric married Christina Jonsdotter. Their son was Elias Andersson Henrikson.

Elias was born February 13, 1872 in Dunkared, Sweden. In 1893 Elias left Liverpool, Enland on the ship Pavonia. The ship's passenger list said the following:

Line # 12
Name in Full: E W or N Henrikson
Age 21
Sex m
Occupation: carpenter
Able to read: yes
to write: yes
Nationality: Swede
Last residence: Malmo
Seaport for landing in the US: Boston
Final destination in the US: Boston
Whether having a ticket to final destination: yes
By whom was passage paid: self
Whether in possession of money, if so, whether more than $30 and how much is 30 or less: 5 pounds

Whether ever before in the US and if so when and where: no
Whether going to join a relative & if so, what is relatives name & address: brother, J. Edwin, Boston
Ever in prison or almshouse or supported by charity, if yes, state which: no
Whether a polygamist: no
Whether under contract, express or implied, is labor in the US: no
Condition of Helath, mental & physical: good
Deformed or cripples, natura and cause: no

1900 Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts Census

Family 107
Henrikson, Elias, 28, head, Feb 1872, married 8 years Sweden Sweden Sweden
Painter chairs
Alice E. 25, wife, Jun 1874, had 4 children 4 living PA Germany Germany
Herman C. 7, son, Aug 1898
Anna M. J. 5, daughter, Jan 1894
Frederick C. 4, son, Apr 1895
Walter E. 2, son, Sep 1897
Children PA Sweden PA

1910 Gardner, Worcester, Massachusetts Census

Family 214
Henrikson, Elias 38, head, marriage 1, 18 years, Sweden Sweden Sweden
arrived in 190, naturalized, Painter, Chair factory
Alice E. 35, wife, marriage 1, had 7 chidren 7 living PA Germany Germany
Herman C. 16, son, PA, Sweden PA, wheel xxxx, Baby carriage factory
Anna M. J. 15, daughter, PA Sweden PA
Frederick C. 14, son, PA Sweden PA
Walter E. 12, son, MA Sweden PA
Eva M. 9, daughter, MA Sweden PA
Vera I. 7, daughter, MA Sweden PA
William C. seven months, son, MA Sweden PA

1920 Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts Census

Family 274
Henrikson, Elias 47, head, immigrated in 1887, naturalized in 1900 Sweden
Sweden Sweden, finisher, chair factory
Alice E. 45, wife, PA Germany Germany
Eva M 19, daughter, MA Sweden PA, illegible
Vera I. 17, daughter MA Sweden PA, illegible
William O. 15, son MA Sweden PA
Robert L 5, son MA Sweden PA

1930 Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts

Family 340
Henrikson, Elias 57, head, 1st married at 20, Sweden Sweden Sweden, chair finisher
chair shop
Alice E. 55, wife, first married at 18, PA Wartenberg Germany, Germany
Robert A. 15, son, MA Sweden Germany

I remembered the pictures of Kris from his vacations in Massachusetts sitting in the huge chair. I had no idea that it was from a chair factory or that his family had been chair makers. There are two other chair makers that I have run across in the family -- Jesse Wright, my great grandfather, and John "Groundhog John" Bentley who made the rocking chair that Joe Hall bought for his daughter, Hazel.

Elias and Alice's son, Walter Edward Henrikson, was born on September 6, 1897 in Gardner. He married Flora M. LeBlanc. Flora was the daughter of Placide LeBlanc and Catherine Robichaud from French Canada. He and Flora married on July 19, 1917.

In 1918 when Walter registered for the draft he was described as medium height and build with black eyes and light hair.

I can't find Walter in the 1920 census.

1930 Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts

80 Barthel Avenue / Family 107
Henrikson, Walter E. 32 MA Sweden PA Molder Foundry
Flora M. 30 MA Canada French Canada French
Walter E. 11 MAMA MA
Catherine E. 7 MA MA MA
Alma E. 6 MA MA MA

Little Alma became the bride of Joe Bentley.

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