Monday, February 16, 2009

Inlaws and Outlaws

Regardless of what you call them -- who you marry brings in all their relatives into your family. I have been working on my brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws families. I also did my inlaws, but that was just an accident when I was working on some Laurel County, Kentucky records and my mother-in-law's obituary came up. She died a couple of years ago at about age 91. I found my ex is a Methodist minister in Smyrna, Tennessee which is were my Aunt Ival and Uncle Lonnie lived. Aunt Ival is still there. Who knew that when I was visiting them that two miles down the road my ex was conducting services at a church there. I met him in the church of Christ -- which is where we were married. He divorced me and said it was religious differences, that he was Baptist and I tried to change him. Who knew that going to Vanderbuilt would help him find his Methodistism.

Anyway, I was trying to find at least five generations on each of my in-laws so that my nieces and nephews would have that information if they wanted it. I started going through Poppy and Granny's children to do the same. I will be running articles on what I found for the next few days.

I am striking out on Aunt Grace. I don't know enough of her family to do any checking. If you want me to work on yours, let me know your parents and grandparents and I will go from there. Otherwise, I think I have a good bit on each of my aunts and uncles by marriage except for Uncle Jimmy's and I don't know who to ask for any more information.

Hopefully, this will cause you to send me more information to fill in the holes that I may open with the information I found.

The families -- in no certain order -- will start tomorrow -- well at 12:02 am which is my normal print time when I write.

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