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The Parker Family

William Parker was born in 1560 in Yorkshire, England. He married Joan Panchard. William died in 1631 and Joan in 1652. In 1590 they had a son, James.

James married Katherine Buller from Cornwall, England. They settled in Cornwall and had a son, Richard, in 1630. James died in 1672 and Katherine in 1686.

Richard married Elizabeth Bailey from London in 1651. This couple went to America and had three children who were born in Virginia: Robert, Richard and Helena. Elizabeth died in 1665 in Parker Creek, New Kent, Virginia. Richard relocated to Nansemond, Suffolk, Virginia where he died April 16, 1683.

The second Richard first married a lady Elizabeth Ballard. They had one daughter, Elizabeth. He married next to a lady named Pender. They had Ann, Mary and Richard III.

Richard, the third one, married on November 18, 1735 to Judith Watson. They had fifteen known children: Alice, Ann, Elizabeth, Francis, Jacob, Patience, Peter, Robert, Stephen, Daniel, Richard, Johnathan, William, Jonas and Sally.

Daniel Parker married Mary Farlee about 1740. They had eight children: Isaac, Luke, Robert, Sarah, Dempsey, Judah, Mary Ruth and Daniel. Dempsey settled in Tennessee. Daniel went to Georgia. Daniel Sr. moved to North Carolina where he died.

Isaac stayed in North Carolina. He married a woman named Susannah. They had at least two children: Daniel and Jonas. Isaac died in 1779.

Daniel married a woman named Susan. They had at least 10 children: Susan Elizabeth, Pleasant Lewis, Richard, James, William, Betsy, Nancy, Alfred, John, and Edward. Several of the children moved to Clay County, Kentucky. Susan, Pleasant, Alfred, and Edward moved on to Laurel County, Kentucky. Richard moved to Knox County, Kentucky. William settled in Wayne County, Kentucky. John stayed in Clay County. Daniel, the father, resettled in South Carolina where he died in 1848.

Pleasant Lewis Parker married Sarah Ann "Sally" Dillard, the daughter of William and Mary Norman Dillard.

Pleasant and Sally's first child was Alexander Parker. Alexander was born in Clay County. He married Margaret "Peggy" Forbes. They had 13 children: Adeline, Sarah Ann "Sally", Pleasant, Martha, Matilda, Daniel, Green, John "Captain J.", Jaley, Margaret, Alexander "Alex", Lucy and James. By 1850 they were in Laurel county where both Alexander and Peggy died.

In the 1850 Laurel County Census Pleasant and Sally were 73 and 69. Living with them was their son Green who was 30 with Green's children White and Matilda. Their daughter, Mary who had married a Summers was also in the household with her daughter, Jaily.

Pleasant and Sally's other children were: John H, Joseph, Cynthia, White, Martha Ann, Elizabeth, Matilda, and Mariah. John married a Lucinda. Pleasant died March 14, 1857 and Sally died in 1860.

Alexander, the son of Pleasant and Sally,

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