Thursday, January 1, 2009

Alvin & Mary Franklin Hall

Alvin Hall was the son of Joseph Leonard Hall and Sarah Caudill. He was born on August 8, 1887. His mother died on August 8, 1889. Joe married Lettie Craft on August 30, 1889 . In the 1900 Census they were listed as:

Joseph, 36, head, married 10 years, farmer

Lettie E., wife, 28, had 5 children, 5 living

Minnie E. 18

Anzie, 16

Isabella, 14

Alvin, 12

Polly A., 9

Leonard B. 8

Rachel V. 5

Enoch M. 3

Nancy A, 1

His oldest sister, Mary Ellen Hall had married Isaac Profitt in 1897 and was in her own household.

In 1905 Alvin married Mary "Polly" Franklin, the daughter of Harvey G. Franklin and Eveline Combs.

During his life Alvin was a coal miner, a farmer, a store owner and other jobs.

He worked as a coal loader for Elkhorn Coal until a slate fall on November 2, 1939. The accident broke his foot, ankle and spine. He worked a farm at the head of Thornton Creek and later at Craft's Colly. He and Mary ran a store.

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