Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fleming School

Fleming Neon High School

Karen Quillen Hall runs a web site deovoted to Fleming High School. I looked at when Eddie (Uncle D. V.'s Eddie) sent me a note about it connecting to a picture of Yvonne. She died in 1965 and they dedicated the yearbook to her.

Please take a look at the site by going to

I clicked on the yearbook to see Yvonne's picture. If you click on a yearbook, give it plenty of time to load because it is a pdf file and takes a while. I know when I was going to Morehead I stored some things over break with friends in Morehead. They put it in their basement which flooded so my senior yearbook was ruined, so I would love to find that someone had my yearbook online.

Here are the pictures of Fleming that she had posted.

Fleming Neon High School before 1937

Fleming Neon High School after 1937

Fleming Neon High School Gym

Fleming Neon High School Band Building
If you have pictures of the school, class photos, scans of class programs etc, please send them to Karen at or to me at and I will see that she gets them.

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