Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas with the Blairs then and now

Glenda is my cousin through the Bentleys. Her mother was my mother's sister. My mother was Cora and hers was Sabrina. Sabrina married Curwood Blair. Today I received a beautiful picture of her family at Christmas. I don't actually know everyone in the family so Glenda will have to do the identification and I will update this. I just wanted to share this lovely picture.

Also, when I was writing that piece on Granny and Poppy and trying to find a picture of each of the children with at least one of them, Glenda had sent me this picture of Granny at Christmas. I don't think I put it in with a story so far. This is Granny with Kathy, Glenda's baby sister.

I am working on several stories and they are leading so many places it is taking a lot to researh them. I also have som GREAT pictures coming up that I am trying to get totally identified before I post them. I will have some postings as soon as I can get some of these storied pinned down.

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