Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Wright Family

Hugh Emerson Wright born November 24, 1894 Ohio & died September 2, 1982, Greenville, Ohio.

Hugh and his wife, Leontine Victoria Monnin Francis, the grandparents of my sister-in-law, Deb Rose.

I really have been working on the family tree, but it just hasn't led to any stories yet. I did happen to get a question about another Wright family. My brother Dave is married to Deb whose grandfather was a Wright. She wondered if possibly there was a connection.

There is a Wright family who people are always trying to attach to Joel and Susannah but they are not the same family. Some of that second Wright family moved to Ohio, so my first thought was there could be a connection.

A few searches and I found they were not related at all. But this was a very interesting because I found the family came from Germany and went throught several name changes. Her ancestor starts with Johannes O. Reitz who was born about 1640 in Germany.

His son Johanes married Anna Barbara Friedrich, the daughter of Stoeffel Friedrich. Thier son was Johannes Peter Hans Reitz who married Madgalena Weygand, daughter of Nicholas Weygand. They lived in Lohnhaupten, Gelnhausen, Hessen-Nassua, Germany. They had five sons.

Their son Johan George Reitz married a woman named Anna Martha. They immigrated from Germany and settled in Washington Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Their son Andreas marrie Maria Margareth Brosius. Andreas served in the Revolutionary War.

Their son Johan Nicholas Reitz married Margaretha Bresher. They moved from Pennsylvania to Bethel Township in Miami County, Ohio. Their son Samuel is the first generation where a spelling occurred. Instead of Reitz he spelled it Wrights. Samuel married Esther Leighty.

Their son, Charles H. dropped the s and became just Wright. He moved from Miami County, Ohio with his parents. They settled in Shelby county, Ohio. He marrie Mary E. Jacobs.

Their son, Hugh Emerson Wright married Deb's grandmother, Leontine Victoria Monnin who was the widow of George Nicholas Francis.

I followed as many lines as I could for Deb. She has several from France and Switzerland. She also has a Quebec, Canada line who also came from France. I found it so interesting to have so many immigrant lines to follow.

I love my family, but they have been here for so many generations that we are lucky to find they came from England, Ireland, Germany or whatever, but it's really hard to find the actual cities they were from. Deb can go right to so many cities and regions her family comes from.

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