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Schenck Family Reunion

Margaret Ann Mullins, daughter of J. D. & Cora Bentley Mullins, married David Schenck. Dave is the son of Lowell David and Virginia Gibson Schenck. Roelof Martense Schenck born about 1629 in Amersfoort, Utrecht, Holland. He came to America and settled in Flatlands, Kings County, New York where he died on January 14, 1795. His son, Jan Roelofse Schenck was the first Schenck born in America. He died in New Jersey on January 30, 1753. The next son, John Schenck was also born and died in New Jersey. The next son, William Janse Schenck moved from New Jersey to Warren County, Ohio. His son, David Schenck stayed in Warren County where he was born in 1779 and died January 22, 1827. His son, John David Schenck moved from Warren County a bit further north to Franklin, Ohio in Butler County. His son, Obediah Schenck, had 12 children: Pearlie, Samuel, Edward, Mary, Harriet, William, John David, Josephine, Maude, Claude, Myrtle and Harry. John David Schenck moved to Jefferston Twp., in Montgomery County, Ohio, near Dayton. His son Paul David Schenk married Rachel Louella Loy who was known as Lulu. Paul and Lulu had ten sons: Kenneth, Wendell, Harold, Paul, Lowell David, Kenneth, Richard, Dwain, Ronald and Merle Schenck.

The family is a close one as were the Loys, Sears, and Wombolds. These intermarried families had reunions dating back to at least 1914. The Schencks had many reunions.During WW2 seven of the ten sons of Paul and Lulu were in service. As each son returned home from war the family gathered together and had dinners to welcome the son home. They would gather on weekends thankful that all returned home safely.

As the families grew, Paul and Lulu wanted their grandchildren to know each other. From the family dinners welcoming their sons home, came the 4th of July reunion which is still held today. The sons took on hosting the gatherings when Paul and Lulu were no longer able to do so. At first they were held right on the fourth. Later, they were moved to a weekend either before or after the fourth where they began camping and spending the weekend together.

The family whose ten sons were great athletes, hosted a family baseball game. They have volleyball and play many games together. They eat their meals together. Merle and his wife, Gladys, cook breakfast for all on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They work together to put up tables and chairs. They police the entire area before they leave the gathering on Sunday.

Now, for the fourth year, Margaret and David host the reunion at their home in Arcanum.

On Saturday after lunch, the baseball game and water balloon games, Lowell Schenck gathered the family around. He told stories of growing up with ten brothers and what it was like when he was younger.

Lowell David Schenck

Ronnie Schenck telling the charcoal on the beach story.

Merle Schenck

Others in the family including brothers, wives and cousins stood and told family stories or remembrances of gatherings in the past at Uncle Harold's or other locations.

Rebekah, (David's sister Ellen's daughter), Amy holding her son Logan (Margaret and Dave's daughter), Barbie (Margaret and Dave's daughter) and Margaret listen to the stories being told.Brother Ronnie compiled a book on the military service and family life while the seven brothers served in World War 2. Lowell wrote a book with remembrances and family pictures which he gave a copy to all the brothers or wives and the cousins. Both are great books. A wall showing the ten sons and their children was made by Ronnie for the 2006 reunion and was displayed again this year and updated.

You might think that things would calm down after the games and remembrances, but when it is dark they build fires for roasting hot dogs and marshmellows and eat cowboy beans. Before this meal they do a few fireworks. Click on this link to see a bit of them.

Also remember that these fireworks go on for about thirty minutes.

Lana and I have come over for the fireworks for the past three years and then stayed in my little RV. This year we had tickets to the Dragons baseball team, a Red's farm team, followed by a fireworks display. Lana told me to give those tickets away that we were going to Aunt Margaret for her fireworks.

We went earlier this year since we usually don't arrive until it is getting dark. By coming earlier she got to participate in the games, get closer to her cousins and we both got to listen to the wonderful stories that were told.

The Schencks are a loving, close family who take care of each other and keep close by attending this family weekend of fellowship.

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