Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Husband's Love

John Isom Adams was the son of Benjamin Adams and Nancy Holbrook.  Benjamin was the son of John Hobbs Adams and Lettie Simpson, my 5th great grandparents.  Benjamin was the brother of Jane Adams who married Benjamin Webb. They were the parents of Lettie Webb who married Archelous Craft.  They were the parents of Chunk Craft.  That makes John Isom Adams my first cousin five times removed.

John married Sarah "Sally" Craft.  She was the daughter of James Washington Craft and Druscilla Hammons my 4th great grandparents.  Sally was the sister of Archelous Craft.  She was my g-g-g Aunt.

If you are trying to keep score, that means they were first cousins once removed through John Hobbs Adams and Nancy Caudill.  They were third cousins through Benjamin Caudill & Mary Elizabeth Adams as well as John Adams & Ann Caudill.  And they were husband and wife.

While the Civil War was being fought, Sally was ill.  John wanted some gun powder to kill a squirrel to make something for her to eat.  Gun powder was very scarce.  A bomb had been dropped by General Humphrey Marshall's army.  John tried to open the bomb for the gun powder.  It exploded in his hands and totally blew him up.  He died  on March 10, 1863.  Sarah died on March 26th.  This story was reported in the John J. Dickey Diaries by John and Sarah's grandson, the oldest son of Joseph Adams and Sarah Bates.

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