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Our Halls go back to Thomas de la Sale and Edith Sale who were born in 1320 and 1326.

Their son was Thomas de Halle married to  Alice Atford who were born in 1352 & 1360 in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, England.

Their son Thomas de Halle was born about 1396.

His son Nicholas was born in 1420.  He married Margaret Besill.

Their son was Thomas Hall born 1450.  He married Alice Norton.

William Hall was bron 1482.  He married Elizaeth Tropnell.

Thomas Hall born 1505 was married to Elizabeth Mervyn.

John Hall born in 1540 was married to Dorothy Rogers.

John Hall born 1575 was married to Elizabeth Brune.

John Hall born 1607 was married to Elizabeth Layton.  He was born in Bradford as his family had been for hundreds of years.  He died in Newport, Rhode Island about 1665.

Thier son was Henry Hall was born in Washington County, Rhode Island in 1637.  He married Honor Rogers..

Their son was John Hall born in Washington County, Rhode Island  in 1668.  He married Elizabeth Ball.  He died on July 4, 1764 in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

Their son, Thomas Hall, was born in 1702 in Jonathan Creek, Virginia.  His wife's name was Martha.  He died on May 10, 1794 when he was killed by Cherokee Indians.

Their son, Jesse Hall, was born about 1746 in Jonathan Creek.  He married Candacia "Dicy" Franklin.  On October 19, 1782 he bought 120 acres in Henry County, Virginia for 57 pounds and 15 shillings.   He was on the Scott County, Virginia tax lists in 1815.  On September 29,  1820 he purchased 30 acres on Cove Creek.  On April 8, 1823 he transferred the deed for the 30 acres to Robert Owens.

Their son, Masias Hall was born about 1768  in Wilkes County, North Carolina.  He was listed in the 1800 census in Ashe County, NC.  He married Unisiah Branham Smith.  Masias moved his family through Green County, Tennessee, toward Harlan County, Kentucky, after 1800. As Masias was moving his family to Kentucky, his horse threw and injured him. The family stayed on the Nolichucky River in Green County, Tennessee for a year before moving on.  He was on the 1815 tax lists along side his father and his brother, Reuben, in Scott County, Virginia.

According to Pearl Hall, a descendant residing in the neighborhood where Masias put down his Kentucky roots, Masias and "Eunice" settled first in Virginia, but then came back to Kentucky to settle on Long Fork of Shelby Creek, in Floyd (later part of Pike) County.

In 1833 he filed for a Revolutionary War pension.  He stated he was 65 years old.

  • The text of the affidavit, as reported by William E. Connelly, is as follows:

    "Kentucky, to wit.

    The statement of Mesias Hall, aged sixty-five years, who upon his oath, states that he is a native of the State of North Carolina, Wilkes County . That he recollects many of the events at the close of the Revolution . That he lived and was raised a near neighbor to Captain Henry Connelly, Sr. That he always understood from all persons that he served in t he North Carolina State troops in that capacity in which he has stated. That he never was doubted by any person. He thinks one of his brothers- in-law served under him in the Revolution, who is long since dead.

    (Signed) Mesias Hall

    [Signed by mark]

    Subscribed and sworn to before John Friend, Justice of the Peace, Floyd County, Kentucky, who certifies that Hall was a credible witness. No date."
Their son, Richard Hall was born in 1808.  He married Sarah Tackett.  They lived on Long Fork of Shelby Creek, Pike County, Kentucky.  They lived next door to Sarah's parents, Elder William "Preacher Billy" Tackett and Amy Johnson.  They had 12 children. 

The sixth child was  Enoch Mahlon "Red" Hall who was born February 28, 1841 in Pike County.  He married Nancy Hampton.  Mahlon married twice more to Nancy Wright and last to Martha Horne.  Pearl Hall, mentioned above, was the daugther of Mahlon and Martha.

Enoch and Nancy's son was Joseph Leonard Hall.  He married six times.  The second time was to Lettie Craft.  Their daughter, Nancy Alice Hall, is my grandmother.

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    1. This is also my family line branching from a child of Thomas Hall in 1702. I would really appreciate knowing if you have the documentation and where and how you found it. I was so excited to see this here! Thank you for posting it! Mary