Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sallie Pearl Craft Lucas

Well, I tried a fresh start for Sallie. I went to the census records for Sallie Lucas and got a hit.

1920 London, Laurel County, Kentucky

  • Lucas, George, head, 50, Dentist, own office
  • Sallie, wife, 54
  • Craft, Morgan C., 3 step son, bookkeeper, dry goods store
  • Eads, Samantha 24, servant
No, I didn't put the age wrong. That's what the census said for Morgan. I think he was going to go back and fill in the second number and got distracted and didn't. The other single digit ages are written in the center of the square. This one is to the left. But I didn't notice that the first time I read this census.

Another connection to Craft.

I found a second census for Sallie Lucas -- 1930 London, Laurel County, Kentucky.

  • Lucas, Sallie C. 64, widow
  • Craft, Morgan 39, public stenographer
This caused me to go back and look at 1920 again.

I started a search for Sallie Craft. Two hits:

1900 London, Laurel County, Kentucky

  • Craft, Sallie, 35, head, May 1865, widow, had 2 children, 2 living
  • Walter J. 14, son Dec 1886
  • Morgan M, 12, son May 1888
  • Pearl, Willis, 20, brother, Mar 1867, day laborer
The index had Walter listed as Watte and Morgan as just M. The original records were very clear.

1910 London, Laurel County, Kentucky had Sallie Craft 44, widow, had 2 chidren, both living. She was living alone.

I thought since I had her children's names I might be able to find them. I picked Walter first, and struck out. But I did find a Walter who took a ship to England. I couldn't say if this were our Walter or not. Then I went for Morgan.

I found Morgan in Oklahoma. He was teaching history at McAlaster High School when he filled out his draft registration for World War I. He was medium height, medium build, blues eyes and brown hair. He said he was born on May 4th 1889 in London, Kentucky. Three years later he was back in London living with his mother and her new husband, George Lucas, the dentist. He was working as a bookkeeper in a dry goods store. Then in 1930 he was a public stenographer. His mother was a widow again.

Morgan Tennyson Craft died on February 29, 1932 of a stroke. His death certificate lists his parents as Sallie Pearl and Morgan T. Craft. His occupation was listed as lawyer.

Morgan T. Craft was the son of Joseph Craft and Martha Irby Bates. He married Sallie Pearl. He died on December 16 1888 before his son Morgan Jr. was born.

James W. Craft wasn't the father of Sallie Pearl. She was his sister-in-law.

I am not sure why those other researchers had her as his daughter, but obviously, she wasn't. At least it lead me to Sallie and Morgan's children. I might work on Walter a little more someday to see if he were the one who took that voyage to England. Might be interesting to see his passport information since it would include a picture.

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