Monday, July 14, 2008

Georgia Peaches

Some pictures are a story of their own.

One of the things we used to beg mom to let us do when we visited Kentucky was to walk down to the forks from Granny's and get something from the store there. We loved picking through the candy. It was a big deal to get a quarter or dime and another big deal to actually get to walk down the road by ourselves.

At home we never left the yard to play baseball with the neighbors who lived one field away from us without permission. At that, Mom could stand on the front porch and look over and see us unless we were on the far side of their house. Mostly we played baseball in their side yard or our front yard. Getting to walk down to the forks was a big deal.

Uncle Willie and Aunt Edna owned the store at the forks for a number of years. Their daughter, my first cousin Janice, has been sending me pictures over the past week. One of them was after Uncle Willie had returned from Georgia where he had picked up a load of peaches. (No wonder the food and produce was so good coming from that store.).

Uncle Willie looks the same in this picture as he does in all of the ones I have seen even as the guys in the truck play a prank on him, but Aunt Edna is cracking up. I thought this picture was a jewel. Janice doesn't know who the men in the truck are, but Edna is on the left of Willie and Dolly Killen is on the right. Dolly was the wife of Edna's first cousin, Arthur Bates.

Look how pretty Aunt Edna is. Didn't they make a wonderful couple?

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  1. Karen~
    I love all of your pictures! Thanks again!

    (Janice's daughter)