Monday, August 25, 2008

May Bentley 1914

I had found a reference to a birth of May Bentley in 1914.  The mother was listed as Sadie Collier.  The records only gave the name of the mother and the date.  I could not find another Sadie Collier in Letcher county except for our Sadie. 

I had asked some other family members who had done research if they had ever come across this birth certificate or heard about another child of Otho and Sadie.  None had.  I had thought about ordering the birth certificate, but having just gotten a copy of my own last week, they don't give you the original with all the information on it.  It would have given me the father's name maybe, but I decided I didn't want to pay for a copy just to learn that.  I decided to just not say anything.

Today I was working on Martin Bentley for Johnny Fulton.  I was filling in some information on his connection to the Bentleys through Tabitha Bentley and Creed McFall.  I came across a death record.

May Bentley was the daughter of Otho and Sadie.  She was stillborn on July 30, 1914 and was buried at the Chunk Craft Cemetery. This means there were 22 children instead of 21.

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