Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Letter From Booker to Mary

Here is a letter that Booker Wright sent to his sister, Mary in 1963.

Virgie, Ky.

Feb. 3, 1943

Dear sister

I am writing you a few lines to answer your letter just recieved. I was glad to hear you all was well. This leaves us all well excecpt Sidney. She is coughing herself to death seems like. Well you asked where Mary was at. She is in Columbus Indiana. She is working in a factory. She hasn't stayed at home any since July. I have been gardening some. You always heard the saying of an early bird. I guess that will be the way of me. The war is looking good now. Well I have got till I don't go anywhere hardly. I would like to come and see you all. We are having a bus strike and no buses are running at all. The gas rationing has cut out all the car. Whatare you doing for coffee since they rationed it. I took the matlock and went to the hills and dug me some. Well they put the bridge back in. They have never worke any on the road. The roads are very rough. Yesterday has been a fine ground hog. If she has seen it's shadow today. Come out and we will make you a pot of that coffee. Tell John to come over if he wants a cup of that coffee. We can't make it very sweet because the sugar is rationed. So I will close.

Your brother,

Booker Wright

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  1. Hi Karen, My name is Winifred Gayle (Wright) Tackett. I am the grand-daughter of Booker Wright. I was born at Hartley,Ky and raised in Weeksbury,Ky. My father was George Wright and Opal mae (Meade) Wright.I would like to think you for all of this stuff in here.My family started with Joel Wright and Bad John Wright. I live in Michigan now.I am 72 years old.Everyone calls me Gayle.God bless Gayle