Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So who was born after Tax Day?

I wondered who would come up an April 16th birthdate. I am sure we have relatives born on each day of the year, but I figure we may not always have a direct one. A direct is our blood relative, your father & mother, their parents, their grandparents, and so on. When you branch out like I do, you include the siblings of all of these and their descendants.

Today we do have another direct relative. His name is Thomas Hampton. He was born April 16th, 1623 in Kecoughtan, York County, Virginia and died after October 12, 1690 in James City, Virginia. Having a death date like that means that someone has found a record, like a tax record or maybe where he filed a will and they knew he was alive to pay the taxes or file the will, but then they can't find him again, so they put his death as "after October 12, 1690". This man was an Episcopal minister who oversaw two parishes near James City, Virginia.

His line went like this

  • Thomas de Hampton b 1491 d abt 1591

  • John Hampton b 1517 d 1558 m Catherine of Middlesex was a clerk to Edward the VI of England. He leased Twickenham Manor in 1569, and this was the Hampton family home for many centuries. John and Catherine had six children, Alice, John, William, Lucy, Ralph and Laurence.

  • Laurence was born at Twickenham in 1558 and died there in 1627. He married a Sarah. She died and his second wife's name was Sarah, too. They had six children William, Richard, Ann, Elizabeth, Laurence Junior and Philadelphia.

William Hampton was born before his baptismal date of May 27, 1592. He and his brother, Laurence who was a merchant tailor went into business. Laurence was a member of The London Company. You can google it to get the Wikipedia information, but basically it was chartered to colonize America. Their first permanent settlement was Jamestown. Did you know that they accidentally colonized Bermuda when they sent supplies meant for Jamestown to the Somers Isles (present day Bermuda). The Virginia Charter and the Plymouth charters were the same. They could establish settlements not closer than 100 miles of each other. When the Plymouth Charter was lost the boundaries were adjusted for the Virginia charter. When the Virginia Charter was lost, Virginia became a royal colony of England. But while the Virginia charter was in full swing, William immigrated to America arriving on the ship Bona Nova to Jamestown. His wife, Joan Hotten followed the same year on the ship Abigail with their three children.

William was a planter, but he became a wool merchant and bought wool from other Virginians. He then shipped it to his brother Laurence in England who used it in his merchant tailoring business. He did well and acquired a lot of land, eventually building a 700 acre plantation in Mockjay Bay, Gloucester County, Virginia. He named the plantation "Hampfield".

The three children born in England of William and Joan were William, Elizabeth and Grace Hampton. Their fourth child born April 16, 1623 was our Thomas Hampton.

Thomas and Mary Wade had three children: John, Mary and Thomas. John became a sea captain. When John Hampton married Mary Ann Mann, his father gave them the deed to the plantation Hampfield as a wedding present.

We descend from Thomas and Mary Wade as follows:

  • Thomas Hampton 1679-1740 m Mary Buckner b 1681

  • John Hampton 1701-1778 m Mary Turner b 1693

  • Jacob Hampton 1724-1790 m Judah/Judith Johnson

  • Thomas Hampton 1750-1817 (he died in North Carolina, all the rest of the family before him) m Abigail Laws 1756-1828 (birth and death in North Carolina)

  • William Turner Hampton b 1790 moved to Letcher County KY died 1852 married Mary Profitt b 1789 in NC and died at Camp Branch, Letcher County KY after 1870.

  • Joseph Hampton m Susannah Caudill

  • Nancy Hampton m Enoch Mahlon Hall

Mahlon and Nancy Hampton Hall's son was Joseph Leonard Hall, the father of my grandmother, Nancy Alice Hall.

And that's our Hampton lineage in a nutshell. I have no pictures of any of our Hampton relatives. Nancy Hampton was buried in an unmarked grave in the Frank Tackett Cemetery in Pike County. I was even told that her grave was thought to be in the creek bed. The cemetery is an old, well maintained one, but I took a picture looking down toward where I could see the creek and away from the main graves where Nancy might have been.

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