Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

I think that these are the first pictures where I saw Poppy and Granny's children as kids. I think they are what inspired me to look for more pictures and collect them. It looks like someone took a whole roll of film on them. My first film rolls were in 12's. There may be a few more shots that were taken that day that are floating around. If anyone has others, I would like to have them.

These were taken at the house that Poppy built up the right fork. Paul Hampton lives in that location now. I took pictures there in November which I will post in another blog.

Aunt Ernestene says that the way to tell the twins apart is to look at their shoes. Can had a hole in his shoe. On the left side, the picture is Can on the left, Jimmy in the center and the little guy on the right is Otho Bentley, Jr. We think that is Granny on the porch and maybe Aunt Wilma.

The picture on the right is again Can, Jimmy and Otho, Jr., but look in the background. They guy standing back there is Leonard Bentley.

Here Can is standing back by Poppy and Jimmy is going to venture out on his own.

John Vint did get in some of the pictures, but not before his temper got the best of him, I guess.

John Vint was jealous that they were taking pictures of the twins. He wanted to be in the pictures, too, and must have been told no several times. You can see him behind Can who is sitting on Poppy's lap. We think that is probably Anna Sue's feet in the picture.

John Vint was so angry at being excluded that he went into the house and tore up a picture of him that they had. Granny kept the scraps and Lisa had them copied to preserve her father's likeness. That's the two pictures below.


  1. Karen,
    Your writings and pictures are food for the soul!!
    A Grateful Cousin,

  2. I also love those old pictures of Dad, Can and Jimmy when they were so little. Thanks for telling the story of my dad and the torn picture. My mother used to carry that torn little picture in her wallet. Lisa