Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Millstone School 1926

I am dating this picture of the Millstone School in Letcher County, Kentucky as 1926. The teachers are Henry Taylor and James M. Caudill. Two daughters of Otho & Nancy Alice Bentley are in the front row: Sabrina who married Curwood Blair number 4 and Lake who married Berry Pass is number 9. In the fourth row number 5 is Ida Mullins, the daughter of Joshua and Rosie Adams Mullins. She married Joshua Wright.

My reasons for dating it as 1926 is that would make Sabrina 8, Lake 7 and Ida 12. Aunt Lettie would only have been 10, so it is possible she is there.

I was told Aunt Edna was in this picture, but then she couldn't be pointed out to me. I don't think she is in this picture. She was married in 1923. Assuming she would not have gone to school after that time, it would make the picture have to be 1922 or before. If that were so, Aunt Sabrina would be 4 and Lake 3 and they don't look in the age bracket. I am discounting that information.

See if you can identify anyone else from around that time period. You should be able to click on the picture, and it will be bigger. This picture is from D. V. and Mary Bentley.

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