Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bentleys & Passes & Coles! OH MY!

We didn't have to have too many folks together before it seemed like a party to me. I love this picture of my grandparents because my grandmother is actually smiling. It seems like she must have had a good time at this get-to-gether.

I have been told that this was taken at Poppy and Granny's home. I do not believe it. That is not her couch or her lamp or her curtains. I was guessing Aunt Wilma's. Maybe Judy or Bobby Joe can tell for sure whether it was at their home. I don't remember their home being this way. I figured maybe Aunt Wilma's because I don't ever remember being there to have anything to compare to. Her home to me was in Charlestown, Indiana at 1295 Market Street. I always remember that address because she would say, "My address is easy. It's 1295 Market Street. It's a bargain." Let me know if you know for sure. But those of you that say it is at Granny's, I already don't believe you.


  • Back Row: Jimmy Pass and Joe Bentley.
  • Seated on the couch: Otho Bentley, Nancy Hall Bentley, Lake Bentley Pass & Berry Pass holding Becky Pass.
  • Front Row: Wilma Bentley Cole (she told me she crossed through her eyes), Alma Bentley holding Kris Bentley, Judy Pass Robinson, and Bobby Joe Pass.

For those of you not part of the family or on the Mullins side this is my Grandparents and three of their children's families:

  1. Daughter Wilma who married Jimmy Cole and probably is the one who is taking this picture
  2. Son, Joe Bentley who married Alma (help me Kris, I don't remember her last name and it's in the part of the family tree notebooks that I still have in storage) Also, you look about 2 so is this maybe 1953?
  3. Daughter, Lake who married Berry Pass


  1. This was taken at Aunt Wilma's. These gatherings happened frequently from what I recall. I think part of the reason is the Aunt Wilma and Uncle Jimmy had one of the first TV's in the area. We all use to go there to watch TV. If I were a betting person, I would say this was a Friday night because Mom's hair is in bobby pins. By the way, Mom's last name was Henrikson - a Swedish name.
    AND there is no "c" in it.


  2. These pictures were taken at our house in Fleming, Kentucky. We lived in that house from 1949 to 1955. Everybody would gather there on Friday night to watch boxing. There would be so many people that some would be on the covered front porch looking through the front window trying to see the television. Dad, Jim Cole, worked for a while for the Firestone store in Neon. That is why we got one of the first televisions. Dad and another neighbor went in together to put an antenna on top of the mountain. They brought the wire all the way down the mountain to our two houses. There were so many people needing refreshments that Mother (Wilma) would have the Coca Cola truck stop at the house and make a delivery of several cases each week. Family members would chip in to help pay for the refreshments. They would also bring food. Granny and Poppy always got the best seat
    on the sofa with the television directly in front of them. The photograph behind Granny and Poppy was taken by Dad, Jim Cole, when we were living in Jackson, Mississippi, with his father, Charles M. Cole. The picture is taken from the portico of the state capitol looking out on the statue in front of it.

    Nancy June Cole Pearson