Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rachel Bentley Justice

I talked with Aunt Mary Evelyn today. She said that cousin Rachel Justice had passed away. She was living in southern Ohio near her niece Sabrina's home. They took her to Florida to be buried by her husband, Avery Howard Justice.
I met Rachel about thirteen or fourteen months ago -- sharp as a tack. I am sorry not to have known about it. I would like to have gone to her memorial service.

Rachel was born April 26, 1915. She was the eighth child of fourteen of Elbert Bentley and Sabrina Craft. Elbert was the brother of Otho Bentley. Sabrina was the sister of Lettie Craft, Nancy Alice Hall's mother.

Rachel at 6 months of age.

Update: 3/11/2009 Otho Holcomb said that Rachel had died sometime in the last part of 2008, maybe in October. He had called and couldn't get hold of Rachel. He called to talk to her niece. She was out of town and her husband told him Rachel had passed away.

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