Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rachel Bentley Justice 3

These are more of Rachel's pictures -- mostly of her and her siblings.

Her parents were Poppy's brother Elbert Bentley and Sabrina Craft, daughter of Chunk and Polly Ann Caudill. Their children were: Martin, Benjamin, Letitia "Tishie", Polly Ann, Caldonia "Callie", Malinda, Enoch Otho, Rachel Virginia, Percie, Laben, Joseph, Ellis, A. J. and Viola "Red" Bentley.

Rachel and Red at Niagara Falls.

Percie and her husband, Henry Lee Phillips and their granddaughter, Sandra.

Percie and Howard (Rachel's husband) grilling in the rain.

Malinda, Percie, Aunt Wilma, and Red. Rachel took this picture.

Mary Evelyn McElroy Bentley (Uncle D. V's wife) and Rachel on holiday.

Ellis and Red.

Ellis and Nancy June Cole (Aunt Wilma's daughter).

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