Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oggie Jane Fulton Baker

Oggie Jane Fulton was the daughter of John Fulton and Rosa B. "Rosie" Adams. Rosie would ride sidesaddle over the mountain to sell milk, eggs and farm produce.

This is Rosie on her horse.

Oggie married James Walter Baker. She continued this work as is shown by her picture.

Here is an article that was written by Mabel Kiser and printed in the Mountain Eagle about Oggie and her life and work:

Mrs. Baker is a good old-fashioned mother

This is Odgie Fulton Baker, in a photo made around 35 or 40 years ago, in
front of her home on the Right Fork of Millstone Creek. Mrs. Baker, widow Jime (
sic) Baker, rode this horse on side saddle across the hill and down Goose Creek to
Neon where she sold milk and butter and eggs. Sweet milk was 25 cents a gallon
and butter milk was 20 cents per gallon. Eggs she sold for 30 cents per

She and Jim had 12 children. Still living are Opal of Charleston, W. Va.;
Tilda Craft and Ottie Reynolds, both of Millstone, Nettie Coleman of Pikeville,
Jesse Baker of Deane, Bill Baker of Knoxville, Bradley Baker of Irvine, Henry
Baker of McRoberts. Elijah Baker, Herbert Baker and Maybelle Meade and an infant are dead.

The horse, Old Dock, belonged to son, Bill, who was in the Army when this
picture was made. It was later sold to Dr. Skaggs (the old doctor) of Fleming
and taken to Florida. Mrs. Baker was always a jolly and active lady and we all
loved her.

Mrs. Baker is still jolly and tried to work like our mothers always had a
way of doing, but time has slowed somewhat her footsteps. But she is still a
beautiful lady and young at heart. She had a heart condition and has been in the
hospital for several days now. Get well wishes go to this grand lady. She is a
roommate of my mother in the Whitesburg Hospital this week.

Mrs. Baker is one of our good old fashioned mothers, who believed in keeping the home fires burning, stayed home with her children, until they were all grown and gone into homes of their own. She still keeps the home fires burning in the old home place. Her husband, Jim, has been gone a long time; she has had many storms in her life, but has weathered them well. Her children still adhere to the
teachings of thier father and mother, and all are honest, upright men and women,
children she can be proud of, and she is. this family is a close-knit family,
the grandchildren all are close to their grandmother and to each other. Solomon
of old described mothers like Mrs Baker in Proverbs 31 verses 10 thru 20
"Strength and honor are her clothing: and she shall rejoice in time to

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