Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seldom Wright Price

I first found Seldom Wright when I was going through Green Acres Cemetery. She had no tombstone, just one of those little metal markers that the cemetery or funeral home puts up.

I didn't know who Seldom was or if she were related. Actually, with that name, I wasn't sure if Seldom were male or female. I didn't know is it was a relative, but the name gave me a chuckle so I snapped it.

There are a couple of stories I wrote about Seldom. You can find them if you go to the box and the top of the blog homepage and type in Seldom Wright.

I was in Letcher county doing more work. I took Linda Whitt to show her the graves of Annie PotterBentley and John Vint Bentley. That is when I noticed that Seldom's tombstone had been erected.

The story of her naming is on the back of her tombstone.

When I got to Letcher County on my last research trip, I met Linda Whitt. I picked her up, and we drove to Green Acres so I could show her Annie Potter Bentley's grave. Annie's brother, Reuben, is one of Linda's grandpas. That is how we are related.

Annie's grave is very easy to find since you can drive up the paved road at the cemetery. You can park, walk up another paved path. She and her husband, John Vint Bentley, are buried right beside the path. It is a section where many of the graves from Whitaker that were moved to Green Acres were placed. While we were standing there talking, I noticed that a stone had finally been placed for Seldom.

I took these pictures of her stone. The story of her name was put on the back of her stone.

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