Monday, April 27, 2009

Joel Ellis Wright & Eliza Agnes Bates

Linda at the cemetery where Joel Ellis Wright & Eliza Agnes Bates are buried.

I had general directions on where to find Joel and Eliza's graves. It so happened while I was with Linda on our hunt for Aunt Annie's grave. It was a cemetery I was looking for. It was on our way to the first Potter cemetery we were going to visit.

Eliza, Joel & Susan

Eliza, Joel & Susan.

It is on 119. If you are coming from Kona and make a left onto 119 going toward Jenkins, there is a road on the left that is labeled "119 Circle." And it does just that circles around a group of houses along the road and comes back out again to main 119. In about the middle of the circle up behind the first row of houses is a small cemetery.

Joel Ellis Wright's original stone is in one piece. There is a large footstone at the back of this grave with the initials "J.W."

The Letcher County Historical Society put in this marker in front of Joel's marker.

Eliza's stone is broken in two with the top part leaning against the original stone.

The historical society put in a marker for Eliza, too.

Susan Venters was actually Susan Mullins at her death. She was Susan Wright at her birth. Susan was the daughter of Joel and Eliza. Her stone used to be quite tall. It is broken and the top half is leaning against the base of the stone.

Susan first married Alexander Venters. They divorced. She then married Joshua Mullins, my great grandfather. They did not stay together, but did not divorce as far as I know. Susan is almost always referred to as "Susan Venters" even in places where her maiden name should be used. I wrote a blog about her which you can look for by using the box in the upper left hand corner and typing in her name. She is the one who tried to poison Joshua. I also followed Alexander to see where he went and I believe that is in the story, too. I was glad to find that Susan was buried by her parents.

This is Susan's footstone. It, too, is behind her stone with the initials "S.V."

This is the stone of Solomon Wright, the son of Joel and Eliza. He was killed in the Civil War. The Letcher County Historical Society put this marker up.

There are quite a few other graves which are only marked with rocks for headstones and footstones. I don't know if anyone knows who might be in these graves or not. If it isn't set down somewhere, then we will probably never know who they were. I don't know the name of this cemetery. I have just called it C Joel Ellis Wright Cemetery in my albums.

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  1. According to an 1880 census I am the Great grandson of James Martain Wright and Jane Letcher county KY. Is Joel Ellis Wright 1817-1880 My Great Great grandfather?