Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marryin' Booker Wright Part 3

Gayle Wright Tackett, a granddaughter of Booker Wright, sent me this story.

My husband, Rodney Tackett, worked in the mines at Weeksbury. One day a man he worked with from Long Fork said, "Rodney I bet I did something yesterday that you have never done." Rodney asked him what it was. He said "I picked up and hauled a casket up Long Fork in my truck, and the man it was for was sitting in the front seat of my truck." Now, of course, my husband thought he was kidding. Then he told my husband the man's name was Booker Wright.

My husband told the man that Booker Wright was his wife's grandpa, and it was true he did have his casket and Uncle Ed's caskets made and kept them in the upstairs in their house.

I am not sure if they were buried in them or not, but there was one left in his upstairs for years after Booker died. My husband wouldn't even stay all night with
Uncle John while the casket was there, but that was my grandpa for you. God
bless Gayle

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  1. Hey Gail: Booker Wright is also my Grandpa. My understanding is that the first casket made Booker did not like. So he had another one made that he was buried in. The family decided that since Booker did not like the first casket that Uncle Ed should not be buried in it either. Uncle John made a beautiful coffee table out of the first casket. Please contact me at my email. I would love to her from you.